Chapter 1. Introduction

KFli4L is a program that lets you control a fli4l internet router.

Fli4L is a project to use an old PC as an internet router by tailoring a Linux system for exactly this purpose in a way that it fits on a single floppy.

There is a beautiful application (imonc) for controlling the Fli4L router remotely from a Windows machine and there is a good one for Linux also (gtk-imonc). So there is no need for another one. Correct.

Though two reasons helped this additional application to come into life: The first and most important one was that I decided to start developing under KDE. So I looked for a task not too complex and not too complicated but yet serious enough to provide considerable challenge.

The second reason is that I never use Windows at home (though I professionally develop software under Windows :-( ) and the Fli4L controlling application for Linux (which is called gtk-ximonc) had some shortcomings that I thought could be done better.

What do you win choosing KFli4L over gtk-imonc? Plenty of nothing. But:

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